June 21, 2017

NHL ADIDAS JERSEY REVEAL: Clean, Simple and Traditional

The moment hockey fans have been waiting for has arrived. All 31 NHL teams have revealed their brand new Adidas branded jerseys that will be showcased at the NHL draft on June 23rd, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

This marks a brand new chapter for the league after their 100th anniversary season. It’s been 10 seasons since Reebok first took over the contract for being the go-to jersey manufacturers for the NHL. Many newer designs were revealed at that time with the introduction of the “Reebok piping” but since then many teams have slashed the “Reebok piping” from their main home and road jerseys or have changed their uniforms entirely.

Luckily, the teams and the league have learned their lesson from that design disaster and decided to stick with traditional styles to debut. The PR has listened to their fans and all teams have delivered on their approach with a much different plan than what they did 10 years ago.

We’re only going to cover the sweaters with the most significant change as it would seem redundant to go over jerseys that didn’t do much of a makeover.

Vegas Golden Knights

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This is the most anticipated jersey revealing at the NHL Awards Ceremony. If the Golden Knights goal was to make their uniform look unique, they’ve certainly done a good job. Nobody has a grey body and colour scheme like they do. The logo has a distinct “V” in the middle of the helmet with a black shield in the background. The red adds a bit of brightness to the sweater but was a little surprised that the whole jersey wasn’t a bit flashier considering that Vegas is a night life city filled with bright lights on the streets. My guess is that the organization didn’t want a flashy image because it’d be associated too closely to gambling. Nonetheless, it’s still a well put together sweater.

Nashville Predators

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Compared to last season, the Predators are using a much simpler look this time around. There will be no piping along the side of the sweater which is good news to many as they opted for traditional “waist and wrist” stripes along the lower portion of the jersey. They will still use the guitar pic secondary logo along the shoulder as well as the piano keyboard trim in addition with the inside of the neck. They will still stick with the guitar strings on the lettering of the sweater. These instrument style add-ons commemorate Nashville’s nickname “Music City”.

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Adidas version (left), Reebok version (Right)


New Jersey Devils

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Some new changes for the Devils including the elimination of the waist striping plus the wrist striping has been moved up along the sleeve. Inside the back of the neck is a green stripe labelled “95′,00′,03′: The years the Devils won the Stanley Cup.

Image result for new jersey devils jersey

Last year’s version

Minnesota Wild

Some interesting changes for the Wild with this new beauty. They’re taking on a classical look marred with a beige strip stitched across the center. The red line on the elbows adds a nice touch plus the “M” on the shoulder is a nice touch. That “M” was adopted from the 2016 Stadium Series game. Should be very interesting to see when these hit the ice in October.

Image result for minnesota wild jerseyImage result for minnesota wild jersey

Alternate green and home red from last season

Edmonton Oilers

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It was announced a long time ago that the Oilers were to be using orange jerseys for the next season but the difference now is that they touched up the blue and made it darker. They also changed the striping along the waist and elbows plus the numbering is now along  the tricep instead of the shoulder. Those numbers also changed colour from orange to blue.

Image result for edmonton oilers jerseyImage result for edmonton oilers jersey

Home blue and alternate orange from last season

Colorado Avalanche

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Going back to the past, the Avs get rid of the piping along the side of the body. It’s a refreshing look and very traditional. They will bring back their retro road uniforms to match as well. The Colorado “C” logo will still be used on the shoulders instead of the barefoot in years past. That is a good choice moving forward as it will represent a patriotic symbol to the state of Colorado.

Image result for colorado avalanche jersey

Last years version

Carolina Hurricanes

The Canes went back to their original uniforms after a few years of their simplistic looking sweaters. This jersey definitely has more character as it has the warning flags along the waist line representing a danger signal for an incoming Hurricane.

Image result for carolina hurricanes jersey

Last years version


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