Our Story

Why I Started…

When I was a boy, I never had the opportunity to play ice hockey growing up because my family was too poor and we struggled to scrape by. I loved hockey since I was 4 years old and I used to play street hockey with my friends every chance I had after I came home from school or on the weekends. My childhood home never had high speed internet (still doesn’t have it) because services were limited as I used to live on a country farm. One thing I knew and projected is the internet is a valuable resource and tool to grow business so once I moved out when I was 19, I started a blog on NHL updates. I grew my skills building wordpress websites and as the technology improved, I started building online stores in my spare time after work. The idea I settled on was building my first wide-scale online store selling licensed NHL merchandise which was inspired by my passion and appreciation for the game. 

Why The Name Oilfield Jerseys…

To me, the oilfields from Alberta and Northern B.C. represent wealth and prosperity. I also wanted an unique identity and brand that represents my roots and where I came from and to relate to blue-collar Canadian & American workers 

The Future…

The goal is to open the first Oilfield Jerseys brick & mortar location by the fall of 2020 and offer more products and expand into more sports in the future. The location is yet to be determined.

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