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Who We Are:  We are an insider of officially licensed NHL merchandise as well as avid hockey bloggers plus we’re just passionate hockey fans in general. Based out of Prince George, B.C. the company was formed in September of 2014 starting out online on Facebook and eBay. We then eventually moved towards niche and content marketing on our very own platform (This website). We love nothing more than showing our passion for the game and connecting with fans. We strive to always add new products to serve your desires with exceptional service and high-quality merchandise to fans worldwide.

Company Vision: To establish a legacy and everlasting memories for hockey fans worldwide online and offline on who we are.

Company Mission: To be the top of our class offering world class NHL fan merchandise and service to dedicated fans to many countries around the globe. We want to make sure our product and content is sent from us to you in a swift and timely manner with exemplary, outstanding service. We also strive to be connected with some of the best sports memorabilia companies in the world to further serve you better

Why We Do It: Do we do it for profit? Yes and no. Yes because every company needs to make a profit but it goes deeper. At our establishment, we strive to deliver only the best. The company doesn’t just care about offering their products and services, the company wants to offer the most compelling experience possible for all of it’s users because we value atmosphere and customer experience above anything else. We’re passionate about the game of hockey and the rest of the sports world. We also love partnering with other sports merchandise establishments because they’re just as enthusiastic as us in this business. Plus, it’s also just a ton of fun connecting with other people chit-chatting about the greatest sports on the planet.


Leading Partnerships

Hockey Forums

We’re proud to say that we’re partners with the one and only Hockey Forums official online community. They’re a great discussion hub for all of the latest hockey news and updates made for real hockey fans. They’re very blogger friendly and always have something fun happening on there. Go check them out!


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