Our Story

Why I Started…

When I was young, I was always passionate about hockey. It started off with playing ball hockey on the street corner with friends. Then it worked up to watching NHL games on live television every chance I got. My fondest memory growing up was taking clappers at the chain link fence in my driveway. Over time, all of those shots left a huge indent along the fence that still exists today. Wanting to play ice hockey to join my friends on the weekends, I never had the opportunity to play because my parents couldn’t afford it. That mean’t no saucing pucks and no chirping with the beauties on the ice either. Because of that, I vowed to be involved with the passion in some way. That’s when I decided to start an online sports merchandise company while studying commerce at UNBC. It was meant to work with something I loved more than anything, but before my very eyes it has turned into something larger than what I anticipated. The merchandise Oilfield offers is authentic and only the highest quality merch rolls through. Any fan gear that’s less than adequate, Oilfield won’t deal with because the goal is to make a difference in fans’ lives, not disappoint them. That applies worldwide.

Why The Name Oilfield Jerseys…

To me, the oilfields from Alberta and Northern B.C. represent wealth and prosperity. I wanted an unique identity and brand that represents my roots and where I came from and to relate to blue-collar Canadian & American workers.

The Future…

The goal is to open the first full-time Oilfield Jerseys brick & mortar location by the fall of 2020 to offer more products as well as expand into offering more fan gear in the future. 

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