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Why I Started…

It was always a dream of mine to be involved with hockey and offer something I love. I didn’t have an opportunity to play hockey growing up. I never looked at it as a hardship, but the missed opportunity taught me to appreciate the good in life.

That is why I promised myself to be involved in something productive in the world of sports someway or somehow. That’s why I opened an online sports merchandise business and offer the very best of officially licensed goods and services to the world. It started off as a passion and now it’s a new way of life. Even I enjoy the products OJC sells online. Haha.

Without the #OJCFanzone, none of this wouldn’t be possible. I’ve been very fortunate to meet the people and customers through this journey so far and it’s always something that I never take for granted. OJC has serviced #OJCFans as far South as California, as far West as Vancouver, as far East as Boston, and as far North as North Pole, Alaska. The possibilities are endless as OJC has already sold hundreds of pieces of fan gear and we aim to sell thousands more in the future.

The journey has been great so far and just like many journeys, it has its ups and downs. What is awaiting ahead is very exciting and OJC can’t wait!

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