July 2, 2017

5 New Adidas Jersey Trends

When Adidas announced that it was taking over the contract from Reebok in 2015, people were left speculating what kind of changes were going to ensue at the official unveiling of them. The type of speculation varied far and wide between many fans and insiders. Some anticipated major changes with most jerseys with the implementation of the famous “3 stripe” branding from Adidas, others weren’t expecting much change with most of the uniforms. Only one team was getting brand new jerseys for sure and that was the newly inaugurated Vegas Golden Knights. The logo was already released prior to the official Adidas jersey unveiling in Las Vegas but the design of the logo provoked thought on what the rest of the jersey was going to look like. Since team is called the “Golden Knights”, many assumed it was going to be a black body with dark green and gold coloured piping.

Image result for vegas golden knights jersey

As it turned out, the body on the home jersey is grey, which is very unusual but it’s something new.

The Neck Collar

Image result for adidas nhl jersey neck collar

Montreal Canadiens neck collar translation to English: “Our bruised arms give you the torch”

This is a very interesting trend because the neck piece used to be an overlooked portion of the sweater. Now it’s a very dynamic portion of the sweater. The neck collar is now rounded off with a more pronounced colour scheme along the trim. Teams are now adding much needed character with new slogans and symbolism along the inside back of the collar. Toronto, Dallas, New Jersey, Nashville, Montreal, San Jose, Vegas, Carolina, New York Rangers, St. Louis, Winnipeg and Arizona all have a design or slogan along their neck now. It may be a subtle twist to their uniforms but it makes you feel proud to wear your team sweater.

19400925_10154375566596256_158730166_o (1)

Nice visual on some of the necks with additional branding stamped

Longer Waist Stripes

Image result for st. louis blues jersey adidas back side

A few subtle differences between new and old but still very noticeable.

There have been a few comments about the waist stripes on some of the newly presented team jerseys and fans were thinking exactly what I was thinking. The long waist stripes were a distinct feature in Reebok’s women premier jerseys and I guess they’ve decided to make it mainstream to their official design, which is quite hilarious. The reason the waist stripes were raised to the elbows is because it stands out more on the elbows as opposed to the waist. We won’t see the true effect of this change until these jerseys are seen on the ice in October.

Horizontal Trim On Shoulders

Image result for columbus blue jackets jersey adidas

You may have noticed that the teams that have chosen to stick with the thin trim along the shoulders and sleeves have altered their direction slightly. The trim on the shoulders now run horizontally instead of diagonally towards sleeves. It’s exactly like that with the Los Angeles Kings and Washington Capitals jerseys. The reason for this is because Adidas wanted to influence an easy way to separate the body mesh from the trademarked “freckled” shoulders. Some aren’t a fan of this look but I will reiterate that there won’t be a true perspective on it until they’re worn on the ice in October.

Freckled Shoulders

Sharks Shoulder Logo

New Sharks logo crested on Adidas newly featured “freckled shoulders”

All 31 NHL teams have freckles dotted on the shoulders now. It’s not just a design feature but it’s also a performance feature that cuts the weight and the moisture of the sweater. Just like the rest of the changes Adidas has implemented minor changes that don’t impose on traditional values on a jersey. Overall, the freckles offer a nice, unique touch that will add branding to the Adidas name in the future.

Pitted Numbers

Notice the distinct holes on the white numbering?

Some might think that pitting the numbers is going over the top with keeping as much moisture out of the sweater as possible. We think it’s necessary for the evolution of performance jerseys for cutting weight and reducing moisture. Only some teams have this feature and Vegas is one of them. It matches the freckled shoulders very nicely to keep the overall design of the jersey uniform.

Only six of the 31 teams have adopted the pitted numbers but the advantage they have over traditional numbers is that they weigh 60% less than the traditional sets. The weight difference of course is just grams between the two styles but some teams want to be part of cutting edge technology and there is nothing wrong with that.


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