NHL Reverse Retro Jersey Rankings: Pacific Division

The Pacific Division had a mixed bag of outstanding reverse retro concepts and ones that needed improvement. 3 of the top 5 reverse retro jerseys in the league came from this division so it is the division to beat when it comes to the reverse retro concepts.

Arizona Coyotes reveal purple Reverse Retro jersey alternates

Arizona Coyotes

  • Grade: A
  • Flashback Year: 1998
  • Standout Feature: Purple Peyote

As much as many thought the alternate 90’s Coyotes jersey was ugly back in the day, it is now a classic masterpiece. It even looks better now in purple than it did in green back in the early years when “Phoenix” was the team’s home. Even if you’re not a Yotes fan, this is a jersey that you must add to your collection.

Kings, Ducks embrace past with NHL's 'Reverse Retro' jerseys - Los Angeles Times

Anaheim Ducks

  • Grade: A-
  • Flashback Year: 1995
  • Standout Feature: White Wild Wing

Just like the Coyotes “Purple Peyotes” jersey, the Ducks bring an ugly concept from the 90’s and somehow make it modern day gorgeous. The details involved with this design make it a grand slam. The Mighty Duck has evolved into a lovable classic and is now capturing the hearts of fans of this new generation. This is one of the best jerseys the Ducks have unveiled in a long time.

Canucks, adidas and NHL Unveil Reverse Retro Alternate Jersey

Vancouver Canucks

  • Grade: B+
  • Flashback Year: 2001
  • Standout Feature: Green Gradient

After a conservative rebrand (Sort of) of the Canucks jerseys commemorating their 50th year anniversary last season, they’ve taken a more adventurous route with an alternate from the early 2000’s. This jersey is a tribute to the West Coast Express and the colours chosen to round off the design was an excellent decision. Very satisfying to look at.

Power Ranking Every NHL Team's New Reverse Retro Jersey - On Tap Sports Net

San Jose Sharks

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 1998
  • Standout Feature: Dominant Grey Covering

Kudos for the Sharks for not introducing another black jersey. There is plenty of them already. A few teams went with grey as the dominant colour but the Sharks had the best execution of implementing it into their design. The logo on the jersey is huge and it definitely adds to the “pop” factor of the overall look. Good use of the colour reversal.

Kings unveil new "Reverse Retro" jerseys - LA Kings Insider

Los Angeles Kings

  • Grade: B-
  • Flashback Year: 1989
  • Standout Feature: Purple & Gold Chevron

The subtle use of the purple and gold on the Kings former chevron logo is by far the best feature about this jersey. The purple and gold colours around the jersey looks decent but I am not sold that it looks great on a chevron logo.

The NHL's reverse retro jerseys are here!

Edmonton Oilers

  • Grade: C
  • Flashback Year: 1979
  • Standout Feature: Orange shoulder yoke

This jersey just looks like the reverse of their current road jersey. There’s nothing about this design that looks like a reversal except for the presence of the orange replacing the blue. The jersey itself looks good but the creativity just isn’t there and doesn’t justify why its not graded above a C.

Blasty's back: Flames resurrect controversial logo for Reverse Retro jerseys | Globalnews.ca

Calgary Flames

  • Grade: C
  • Flashback Year: 1998
  • Standout Feature: Blasty!

Bringing back Blasty is a good idea but the reversal is very underwhelming. The original Blasty jersey was black before but now it’s back in black. The only difference between this jersey and the other one is that the waist is now well… black too, instead of red. This jersey would get a significantly higher grade if they made this jersey more different than what is used to be. A red coloured jersey with a white Blasty would of looked good but instead it looks like a Canucks 90’s skate jersey with a horse on the chest instead of the skate itself.

Reverse Retro Explained | NHL.com

Vegas Golden Knights

  • Grade: C-
  • Flashback Year: 1995
  • Standout Feature: Giant Sword Crest

The reverse retro campaign isn’t very fair for Vegas because the team is only three years old. The Knights couldn’t pay homage to their own team so they had to implement a design from the Vegas Thunder from the now defunct IHL. The bold sword cross logo stands out but how the striping and logo go together doesn’t fit well with each other.

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