NHL Reverse Retro Jersey Rankings: Metro Division

The reverse retro jerseys of the Metro Division have a common theme. Most teams played it safe with their jersey concepts while only a couple pulled of some risks. It has worked out for some teams. Some, not so much.

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New Jersey Devils

  • Grade: A-
  • Flashback Year: 1982
  • Standout Feature: Green Layout

This is such a well done jersey, even if it looks like a Christmas sweater. The green goes well with the Devils design scheme and compliments the logo and red/white stripes perfectly. Easily the best reverse retro in the metro.

Washington Capitals release design of new Reverse Retro jersey featuring the Screaming Eagle on red

Washington Capitals

  • Grade: B+
  • Flashback Year: 1997
  • Standout Feature: Screaming Eagle

The red looks so good around the screaming eagle. What makes this jersey great is they didn’t make the eagle too colourful. The size of the logo is huge which makes it stand out that way but it’s also subtle because of the faded blue and white on the eagle. Its that kind of detailing that makes this jersey ranked a B+. Very well executed.

Blue Jackets new 'reverse retro' jersey will feature red for the first time

Columbus Blue Jackets

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 2000
  • Standout Feature: CBJ

Bringing back the OG Jackets logo is an excellent idea. The red reversal from the blue and the white stripes is what makes it a true “Blue Jacket” reversal. The white stars on the wrist are a great touch and the huge stripes along the waist make the jersey pop out beautifully. Spot on.

Flyers unveil 'reverse retro' alternate jersey

Philadelphia Flyers

  • Grade: B
  • Flashback Year: 1995
  • Standout Feature: Halloween black & orange combo

This would truly be a Halloween jersey if Gritty was the logo instead of the “Flyer P”. The Flyers use their classic jersey as their modern jersey so there isn’t much they can work with. Overall the jersey is nice and has good striping details couldn’t get graded higher because of the lack of innovation.

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Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Grade: B-
  • Flashback Year: 1997
  • Standout Feature: Wordmark….I guess.

This jersey is very plain but it’s still pretty good. The Penguins played it safe and went with white and the wordmark. The Penguins have a massive portfolio of classic jerseys they’ve made into Winter Classics and Stadium Series throughout the years so they were forced to go with something different. It’s probably the Penguins best benefit to go with white so they could wear it as a road jersey facing the Caps or the Flyers in their reverse retro jerseys. That’s if…the NHL has a 20-21 season.

Adidas Reverse Retro: New York Rangers unveil Lady Liberty jersey - Blueshirt Banter

New York Rangers

  • Grade: C+
  • Flashback Year: 1996
  • Standout Feature: Lady Liberty

Great move by the Rangers to bring the Lady Liberty back but this only thing that’s reverse about this jersey is the blue wrists. They used to be red. It’s too plain to be graded higher than a C+.

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Carolina Hurricanes

  • Grade: C+
  • Flashback Year: 1979
  • Standout Feature: Grey Dominance

The Whalers jerseys are normally gorgeous but more could of been done to reverse this jersey. The Canes could of switched the green and blue on the logo but instead its still the same logo used before. This jersey had the potential to be an A+ if they did more with it but just making it grey isn’t the answer. Still a nice jersey but disappointed the Canes didn’t make the most of an opportunity to make a great reverse retro.

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New York Islanders

  • Grade: F
  • Flashback Year: 1980
  • Standout Feature: Absolutely Nothing

The Islanders don’t deserve a passing grade for this jersey. There was so much they could of done to make a reversal of ANY their jerseys great but all they did was just switch the white and orange stripes on one they used before. Where’s Captain Highliner?

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