What’s The Deal With The ‘Reverse Retro’ Jerseys

A very interesting development has been happening the last couple of days regarding the new ‘reverse retro’ jerseys that have been mentioned in most hockey news feeds on social media. There have already been several leaks from a few teams involving snapshots of jerseys designed with that concept in mind. What makes this the most interesting is that all 31 active NHL teams will be participating with unveiling their own ‘reverse retro’ jerseys for the upcoming 20-21 NHL season. It is with great anticipation there will be designs unveiled that will have a nostalgic element with a modern twist to it.

Here’s What Has Been Leaked For ‘Reverse Retro’ Jerseys So Far:

The Pens had a black word-marked jersey in the past but never a a white one with yellow lettering. The Flyers used the 90’s design but with orange and black incorporated together between the body and the shoulder yoke. Source: @icethetics

The Golden Knights don’t have a retro style to turn to from within so instead this design is inspired by the old Vegas Thunder Jerseys, a team that played in the now defunct IHL from 1993 to 1999. This isn’t a confirmed leak but an insightful rendition of what could be.
Apparently the infamous “Wild Wing” is coming back. Goodness. Source: @icethetics

Here’s Some Ideas For Jerseys:

Rumour] Flyers and Penguins “reverse retro” jerseys leaked - Page 5 - Calgarypuck Forums - The Unofficial Calgary Flames Fan Community
Since the Flames are going “retro” permanently next season, the Flames might look back to 2004 for ideas for a reversal on their red and black jerseys worn then.
The Art of Hockey: Merging Old and New: Blues and Canucks
It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Canucks went with something like this for their design.

There’s lots of fan designs that have popped up in the last couple of days regarding what some of the new reverse retro jerseys could look like. Most notably the Washington Capitals and San Jose Sharks.

Report: NHL's Rumored “Reverse Retro” (Fourth Jersey) Series For Next Season Is Gaining Momentum | NoVa Caps

Report: NHL's Rumored “Reverse Retro” (Fourth Jersey) Series For Next Season Is Gaining Momentum | NoVa Caps

Retro Reverse Jerseys Coming - Teal Town USA

Retro Reverse Jerseys Coming | HFBoards - NHL Message Board and Forum for National Hockey League
Jumbo Joe may not be on the Sharks anymore but you got to admit he’s look great in this tarp.
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