Top 10 NHL Outdoor Jerseys During The Decade of the 2010’s

Top 10 NHL Outdoor Jerseys During The Decade of the 2010’s:

The rankings for all of the NHL outdoor jerseys whether they’re Winter Classic or Stadium Series are based on design and how each jersey resembles the event taking place.

#10: 2018 Washington Capitals Stadium Series

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The great use of the navy blue instead of the traditional red to match the military theme at the Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland is why this jersey is at number 10. It was a risk to switch the colour pattern from the Capitals main colour pallet but has paid off. It was also a risk to use the small case “caps” wordmark because it goes against their trademark hashtag #ALLCAPS but it works as well. Big props to the design team on thinking outside the box with making this jersey.

#9: 2016 Montreal Canadiens Winter Classic Jersey

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These jerseys are too cool to pass up on this list. They’re light, soft and have a great mix between detail and simplicity. The globe adds a nice touch along the elbows for that extra detail. It seems like ages ago that Subban and Pacioretty were playing for Montreal.

#8 2018 New York Rangers Winter Classic Jersey

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It seems like every time the Rangers use navy blue on any of their jerseys, it just seems to work. The wordmark along the front of the jersey is big and bold plus the white shield badge on the left shoulder is a nice touch.

#7: 2019 Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic Jersey

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The black and white tone works well with the Blackhawks design. It’s a good thing they’re only black and white as there’s a ton of stripes on this sweater. If there was any colour added onto this jersey it would of completely wrecked the design. Props to the design team for keeping it simple.

#6 Winnipeg Jets Heritage Classic Jersey

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The Jets have the best Heritage Classic jerseys out of all of the Canadian teams. The dark red and navy blue make this sweater pop and the logo is iconic. I strongly believe they’ll be full time home jerseys next season and why wouldn’t they? This jersey would be ranked higher on the list but it’s not the first jersey the Jets have introduced in a Heritage Classic.

#5: 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series

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These jerseys offer a nice tribute to Steel City. The Keystone shaped “City of Champions” patch on the left arm is the largest patch stitched onto an NHL jersey in a game plus the triangular captaincy patch and the construction type font on the jersey makes the theme work.

#4: 2014 Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series Jersey

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Modern and remarkable. The design team was smart to utilize the crown and put it right in front of the jersey. The shoulder patch is good plus there’s a good mix between the black and grey. The white along the stripe is a nice touch as well.

#3: 2012 New York Rangers Winter Classic Jersey

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The cream coloured body to go with the navy blue and union red stripes looks sensational. That’s what makes it look like a true Winter Classic jersey and it’ll be extremely difficult to beat something like this in the future.

#2: 2016 Winnipeg Jets Heritage Classic Jersey

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Unlike the blue version of this jersey, the white version pops a bit more and it amplifies the colour scheme of this sweater. It’s a fan favourite and it’s no surprise that it’s the Winnipeg Jets greatest jersey to date. I have a hunch that they will be their future road jerseys.

#1: 2014 Toronto Maple Leafs Winter Classic Jersey

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It doesn’t get anymore Winter Classic than this. These are hands-down the best NHL outdoor jerseys of the decade. The vintage, rustic Leafs logo and their use of the white stripes along the arms and waist make this gel together so well. Nothing better.

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