5 Things NHL Fans Are Thankful For So Far In 2019

It’s times like now that NHL fans are propping up their favourite team and chirping about rival teams to their uncle around the dinner table carving the turkey. In my mind, there are 5 note worthy events most fans can be thankful for. I have to give credit to the Hockey Guy for inspiring me to write this piece at 1 a.m. Pacific time.

San Jose Sharks & Dallas Stars Turning it Around

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Yes, the Stars & Sharks had a miserable October but their seasons turned around on a dime by having a great November so far. They’re both too good to slump like they did for the rest of the season. I still believe they’ll be playoff teams in April. If they did make the playoffs, it’d be better if they faced each other just because of their matching stories. Great for NHL fans to witness.

Byfield & Lafreniere Worth Tanking For

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If you’re a fan of the Kings, Red Wings, Senators or Devils; the good news is this season is worth tanking to draft these players #1 or #2 in June of 2020. Yes it’ll be hard to tough out the losses right now but the future will get brighter come draft time when two lucky, yet, under-performing teams get their hands on these gems.

Bruins Offering Their New Alternate on Black Friday

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Simple, distinctive and classic. The Bruins new alternate jersey makes its debut on Black Friday. Even if you’re not a Bruins fan, you still have to appreciate these threads. It’s a nice change up from the primary jerseys they wear and it’s a nod to the Bruins History.

No Stanley Cup Hangover

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If you keep thinking that’s Ryan O’Reilly hoisting the cup, you’re mistaken because that’s Alex Pietrangelo. Yes, they look a lot alike with their beards. Sometimes you see teams that were recently in the Stanley Cup Finals take a big step back the following season because of the so called STaNleY cUp hANgOvEr. The Blues are still soaring and the Bruins have been excellent too. Chances are they’ll keep this pace up.

Sheldon Keefe Saving the Leafs Season

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The Leafs are rejuvenated because of a new bench boss with a lighter perspective and a fresh outlook on the team. The results from Keefe’s coaching have been instantaneous as he’s 3-0 since taking over from Mike Babcock. Tyson Barrie has been playing much better and the team isn’t afraid to experiment with new plays. Some have been saying that this may turn into a season changing move where the Leafs go to the Stanley Cup Finals behind Keefe’s leadership. Why not? The Blues were in last place on January 3rd 2019 and newly acquired coach, Craig Berube, vaulted the team to a championship win. Will the same follow?

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