3 NHL Jerseys We Can See As Full-Time Alternates in the Future

There’s been a plethora of NHL jerseys unveiled since the summer of 2019. Everything from the Carolina Hurricanes new road uniform to the Buffalo Sabres announcing their new full-time jerseys for the start of the 2020-21 season have been announced. We’ve already seen the Chicago Blackhawks bringing their 2018 Winter Classic as a full-time alternate for this season due to popular demand.

Dallas Stars 2020 Winter Classic Jersey

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These threads are stunning. They’ve been very popular in pre-sales and it’s also the Stars first Winter Classic jersey of it’s kind. The Stars have not had an alternate uniform since the early 2000’s. The last alternate the Stars had was the uterus shaped bull head sweater. Since it’s been over 15 years since the Stars donned an alternate, it’ll play a factor in introducing it full-time.

St. Louis Blues 90’s Heritage Jersey

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Another jersey that’s been very popular in pre-sales. This colourful thread has been brought back to life and it’s a stunning refreshment. Besides the current alternate jersey the Blues wear now, this sweater is hands down one of the most iconic and unique in team history. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Blues decide to wear this jersey 12 times next season instead of twice this season due to its heritage status.

Winnipeg Jets 2019 Heritage Classic Jersey

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This was a tough choice because these threads are believed to be a full-time home jersey for next season. If they’re not, at least they’d be an alternate. This classic is bold and stunning. They look great on the ice plus they sell well to the team fanbase. The blue aviator jerseys are alright as an alternate NHL jersey but I can’t see them last long-term. If something was going to replace them, this jersey would be it.

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Source: Icethetics

Side Note: It isn’t expected to see the Colorado Avalanche and the Los Angeles Kings 2020 Stadium Series NHL jerseys to be introduced as full-time alternates based on the leaks.

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