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REVIEW TIME! Vancouver Canucks 50th Anniversary Jersey Set!

When news broke on June 13th, 2019 of the Vancouver Canucks revealing not just one, not just two, but FOUR…. four brand new jerseys the Canucks will be wearing next season, you know they’re taking this 50th anniversary very seriously, despite no cups.

Fun fact: This is the time in NHL history that a team has unveiled four new jerseys at once.

Besides the Heritage jersey, the home and road jerseys have undergone minor changes. The black skate jersey was brought back by popular demand from Canucks season ticket holders — a wise choice.

Home and Road Jerseys

Breaking it down — I was a little surprised the Canucks didn’t do more to polish the jersey. The change to white for the shoulder logo from blue helps freshen up the overall look a bit. Although it looks good on the home jersey, they should of left it blue on the road jersey as the “white on white” blends in too much between the jersey and the logo.

By far the best thing done to these jerseys was get rid of the “Vancouver” word mark above the crest of the primary logo. The “Orca” is a good logo for the Canucks and I’m glad it’s staying. With the “Vancouver” wordmark out the logo can stand out and shine.

The waist and wrist striping definitely needs separation and contrast. The big green stripe along the middle is fine but the small white stripes joining the green looks meek and mild for my liking. The jersey would look more aggressive with thicker white stripes separated from the green much like the “Johnny Canuck” alternate from a few years ago. The 50th anniversary logo looks good on the jersey but it’ll only be in use for the 19-20′ season.

Image result for vancouver canucks alternate jersey
Great example of that waist striping and how the home and road’s should of looked like

90’s Canucks Skate Alternate Jersey

If you’re wondering, the dates for when the Canucks will be wearing this jersey for their home games, it’s nicely spread out throughout the season. The official dates are on Friday, October 25th (vs. WSH), Saturday, January 4th (vs. NYR), and Saturday, April 4th (vs. VGK). Additionally, the 50th anniversary patch with the matching colours looks spectacular.

— Click for Full schedule —

The Heritage Jersey

My take on this — There was a bit of criticism from some fans that there wasn’t enough white on the waist and the wrist portions on the jersey. Regardless, I think its fine the way it is. This jersey was made to look like a vintage 1970’s rough cut sweater with a modern element (The white stick logo) to it. The “We Are All Canucks” wordmark along the neck connects with fans as that slogan has been used lots during their promotions for many years. To me, this jersey offers a great look but I still don’t think it outclasses the 90’s skate jersey.

Would a diehard Canucks fan buy this jersey? YES! Would an avid jersey collector buy this? HECK YEA! Would a casual hockey fan just getting into the game of hockey buy this over the home and road jerseys? You can debate that one but based on looks alone, I’d say yes as well. The Canucks will be wearing this jersey for 12 home games during the 19-20 season. There will be plenty of chances for fans to see them in action.

Additional Note:

Not including Johnny Canuck somewhere in any of the jerseys is a missed opportunity.

Overall Jersey Rank:

  1. – 90’s Flying Skate Jersey
  2. – Heritage Alternate Jersey
  3. – Home Jersey
  4. – Road Jersey

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