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3 Canadian NHL Teams That are Badly Over-due for a Jersey Rebrand

It doesn’t matter if the player makes the jersey, or the jersey makes the player. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re a winning team or a losing team, if your team jersey sucks, it sucks no matter what.

Not that the team jersey colours we’re reviewing are terrible, they need a change up. The stage one Reebok era (2008-2011) didn’t treat the jerseys very well with all of that piping going vertically along the body of the sweater. That has somewhat been remedied but some teams are still stuck in the old era and it’s time for a change.

With Adidas at the helm, they’re designs can be trusted more. They’ve done a good job of cleaning up the look of most teams while adding in some memorable Winter Classic designs for the teams that have participated in the outdoor games during the Adidas era (Rangers, Sabres, Blackhawks, Bruins).

Regardless, there’s still work that needs to be done and I have a funny feeling the teams are slowly testing their new designs privately before they want to invest into making a full-time product.

Based on suspicion, rumours and feedback, here are 3 Canadian teams that need a jersey rebrand:

Ottawa Senators

It is already confirmed that the Sens are working a full rebrand of the team. It won’t be done for sometime and they pinpointed exactly what they want of yet. A survey question to fans regarding what image they like best as part of the rebrand was leaked and posted on Icethetics. The fans still voted in favour of the current logo but the entire colour scheme around the jersey needs a facelift.

As you can see, there is no other team that wavered outside of their primary logo on toque design besides the Senators. The leak on the supposed toques coming out next season leads on to believe that the Sens want to use their old 2-D logo as part of either their rebranding strategy or their new 3rd jersey they’re expecting to release for their 19-20 season. Why not both?

Our Take:

It could very well be that the Sens go “back in black” and use it as their primary body colour for their home jerseys during the 90’s. They’re going to try to implement some new elements like a new shoulder logo and even a modified Senator logo. They won’t use their “O” jersey or past copies of their uniform as they have spent some time working out their rebranding already. A red and white stripe cutting across the middle of the jersey with a modified Senators head is a real possibility. Whatever it may be, if the Sens spend enough time on this, they’ll get it right and the look will be very sharp.

Winnipeg Jets & Calgary Flames

We’re putting these teams together because they could share similar, if not the same pattern on what could happen for a jersey change.

The 2019 Heritage Classic between the Jets and the Flames could have some very important implications on what they want in their respective futures for their jerseys. It is a Heritage Classic after all so each team has to use a retro theme for their jersey design.

The Jets have already announced that they will continue to wear their road retro classics twice during their 2019/20 season. The Flames will continue to wear their current alternates throughout next season. Heck, they even chose them as their home jersey during the playoffs with their series against the Avalanche. So what does that tell you?

Out Take:

If the Heritage Classics look anything like these (the matching opposites from each of these teams’ alternates), then it’ll pave a clear pathway that both the Flames and the Jets will implement their current alternates (Flames retro red & Jets retro whites) plus their heritage classics as full-time primary jerseys by the 2020-2021 season.

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