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The Future e-sports gaming and why Oilfield Jerseys wants to be a part of it.

There is no doubt the future is digitally driven. E-sports gaming has been on the rise for quite some time and there is an audience for it. Recently, both the NHL and NFL have announced they’re pouring more money into the e-sports department. It was just last year that the NHL held a gaming tournament with a grand prize of $50,000. It was Finland’s Erik Tammenp√§√§ who won it. Games like NHL 19 and Madden have evolved in the way how the games have been by players compared to before. Your average joe isn’t just playing with their friends anymore. Your average joe is stepping up their game by not just having their friends play, but to play competitively on a professional e-sports team and broadcasting the games live on Twitch. The best plays from the game are clipped and posted on either Twitch Clips and Youtube.

The growth in esports gaming back in 2009 was exponential.
The future forecast is very promising and even after it all began in the mid-2000’s, esports is still growing at an aggressive pace.

Whether you’re in the business of fun, a part-time streamer or just a casual fan, the trend of professional sports gaming should be taken seriously. If the NHL and NFL have already taken steps to boost their budget for marketing online gaming. Expect the NBA and MLB to catch on too.

There is already a decent amount of upcoming e-sports gamers and semi-professional e-sports teams who don’t have the help or support from a sponsor that can elevate and encourage them to take the next step in their journey on becoming the next gaming champion!

This is why Oilfield Jersey Co. is realizing a fantastic opportunity on getting their product to market AND promoting their partnerships they sponsor.

This is purely a grassroots build that’ll bud into something great.

The core elements we provide our partners are:

  1. A merchandise starter pack of the partner’s favourite teams
  2. A custom promo code catered to their audience so they can receive 10% off gear bought on
  3. Featured spot on our Partners page

What’s really great about the promo code given to our partners is that the purchase made with the your favourite streamer’s and/or Youtuber’s promo code supports them on making further content and will allow them acquire their favourite apparel to use on camera or in their videos.

Many of Oilfield Jersey Co.’s partners are Twitch Streamers that already belong onto their own pro esports teams. Many of which stream NHL 19 in particular. Two good examples are @HeroesofHockey and @LightoutNHL, both of whom have secured partnerships with Oilfield Jersey Co. We thank them for their support in this partnership as more exciting developments will happen along this journey.

More details on our partnerships are in our partners page on our website.

If you are an online content creator for e-sports gaming in NHL 19 and/or Madden games, please contact us to apply for sponsorship.

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