15 Symbolic NHL Logos With Hidden Meaning

Logos in pro sports are supposed to have meaning, especially NHL logos. A meaning that defines the team and its culture behind it. Most of the logos have a very clear, distinct meaning but some of these logos listed below have features that are not easily seen by the naked eye. It’s amazing what you can imagine and depict in an image if you analyze it long enough. It’s even more amazing how the puzzle fits together once you solve it. It’s like a riddle covered by an enigma, then encompassed in a rhyme.

I have chosen 10 logos that complement their artistic and hidden elements behind them. Some may be obvious to you and some may just blow your mind. Again, a picture can tell you a thousand words but some may take longer to figure out more than others. It’s all about perception from an average hockey mind pertaining this article.


New York Islanders Primary Logo:

Oddly enough, this feature won’t have much meaning anymore. Why? It’s because the top blue portion of the “I” in “Islanders” just happens to be the location of the old Nassau Coliseum in Long Island. It will now go under as an historical symbol because now the Islanders are playing in Brooklyn which is actually just to the left of the blue portion of the “I” in “Islanders.”




New York Islanders Alternate Logo:

The lower portion of the “Y” in this logo tries to take form of a hockey stick and the

4 orange stripes on the shaft of the “Y” represent the 4 times the Islanders have won the Stanley Cup. The Isles have

won the Stanley Cup for 4 consecutive years in 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983.




Kings-Stadium-Series-Collar.jpgLos Angeles Kings 2015 Stadium Series Crown Collar:

Not a logo but felt like breaking the rules. This is a neat one because this is based off of recent history. The crowns shown on the collar of the jersey represent the two times the Kings have won their most recent Stanley Cup championships in 2012 and 2014. The Crowns are also a direct excerpt from one of the pieces from the Kings former logo which is diasplayed in the next listing.


1024px-Los_Angeles_Kings_Alternate_Logo.Los Angeles Kings Former Primary Logo:

Did you notice the lion wearing sunglasses? I had a good chuckle at this one. It reminds me of the Cheetos cat that promotes the cheezies in those old commercials. This is much cooler because it’s the hockey version of the Cheeto guy.





HTS-NHL-SLB-A2008-01.jpgSt. Louis Blues Alternate Jersey Logo:

This one might be more obvious to some but it’s too cool not to share in this article. The big arch thing in the background behind the Blues logo is the “Gateway Arch” located in St. Louis, Missouri. It is the tallest monumental structure in the Western Hemisphere.






Nashville Predators Shoulder Logo:

Since Nashville is nicknamed “Music City”, why not have the alternate logo be

in the shape of a guitar pic? Yes that’s right, it’s in the shape of a freaking guitar pic! Also, the 3 stars in the middle of the logo represent the State of Tennessee.






Minnesota Wild Primary Logo:

Again, this might be obvious to some but not for everyone so I’ll tell you that the framework on the main logo is the shape of a bear head with the North Star representing the eye and the river representing the mouth. I don’t know about you but the sun appears to be a yellow tumour perpetuating from the forehead. Overall it’s a great and iconic logo.




Image result for washington capitals shoulder logoWashington Capitals Shoulder Logo:

Look at the white portion underneath the head of the logo. Doesn’t it look an awful lot like the tip of the U.S. Capitol Building? Yes the Caps designed this on purpose to represent the patriotic element of the team and it’s a clever one.




z9qyy9xqoxfjn0njxgzoy2rwk.gifWinnipeg Jets Primary Logo:

When you look at the little notch at the top portion of the blue circle in the logo, it’s actually pointing North like how you would see in the compass and oddly enough, the Jets franchise is owned by the True North Sports and Entertainment Group which I think had something to do with that touch in the logo.




latest?cb=20131212163204Anaheim Ducks Primary Logo:

Okay, you guys might laugh at me for this one because I didn’t notice it for such a long time and I was wondering if you guys have noticed this before as well. I first thought that the logo was just a very abstract form of a D until I put the pieces together and realized that it’s actually supposed to depict a duck’s webbed foot. Go figure.


Image result for toronto maple leafs logo

Toronto Maple Leafs Primary Logo:

There is so much subtlety in the newest Leafs logo that it’s not even funny. Each stem and point on the logo has much history. So much so that each detail represents a remarkable pause in time about the Leafs franchise.

The break down:

  • 31 points – The new Maple Leaf has 31 points, a nod to the year 1931 and a defining moment in team history with the opening of Maple Leaf Gardens
  • 13 veins on top – 13 veins at the top of the crest to commemorate the club’s Stanley Cup Championships.
  •  13 vein detail – The new badge contains a total of 17 veins, representing the year the franchise was founded.

On the surface, the logo is a cleaner and more refined version of the 1939 and 1963 logos. At the time of the unveiling in February, 2016, it was supposed to offer a fresh look for the future while simultaneously piecing together the Leafs past roots.

Maple Leafs logo from 1963-1967
Maple Leafs logo from 1963
Maple Leafs logo from 1939-1962
Maple Leafs logo from 1939







Image result for calgary flames shoulder logo

Calgary Flames Discontinued Alternate Shoulder Logo:

This is simply an awesome shoulder patch and there is good reason why. The bottom part of the circle represents the plains that surround the city of Calgary. The mountains you see in the middle are the Rocky Mountains located west of Calgary. When you see the sun setting over the Rockies, it makes it very clear that the designers of the logo were recreating a Westbound sunset viewing from Calgary during a beautiful sunny evening.




Image result for carolina hurricanes alternate logoCarolina Hurricanes Alternate Logo:

The hurricane flag is a common theme seen in all of the Carolina Hurricanes jerseys. What’s significant about this logo is that having two flags attached to a pole/stick indicates a real hurricane warning. When there is only one flag on the stick, it only indicates a storm is heading to the area. That’s why the previous alternate jersey and logo (Only had hurricane flag) was scratched in order to make room for the revised version of the alternate sweater which will be debuted on Oct. 7, 2018 versus the New York Rangers.





Quebec Nordiques Primary Logo:

The now-defunct Canadian hockey team sported a red “N” next to a hockey stick. Together, the images created an igloo. There is a slim chance nostalgic Nordique fans might see their team re-emerge: Canada might add three more franchises in th

e next 20 years, and Quebec City meets the minimum requirements.



Hartford Whalers Primary Logo:

Another defunct hockey team with a clever logo. The negative space between the “W” and the whale tail create an “H,” for Hartford. A nice merge between the two letters.



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