December 14, 2017

2017/18 NHL Outdoor Jerseys Revealed





With 3 outdoor games partaking in the NHL this year, 4 out of the 6 teams have officially revealed their jerseys. The only 2 teams that haven’t revealed yet are the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Washington Capitals whom, by the way, are facing each other in the NHL Stadium Series game at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland.


Ottawa Senators

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As the host of the NHL 100 Classic, Ottawa will wear the home red uniform. The focal point of the Senators uniform is the “O” crest, which originated from the first generation of the franchise through the team’s current day uniforms via the red, black and white body scheme. To commemorate the NHL’s 100 year anniversary, the “O” crest is in premium silver twill. This version of the crest is repeated on the helmet and pant.

One very unique aspect of the jersey is the embossing we have done on the sleeves to commemorate the 11 Stanley Cups that have been won in Ottawa.

Montreal Canadiens

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Stanley Cup Silver highlights some of the key details of the jersey, adorning the collar, the logo, and the sleeves. The silver gives the jersey a shiny, metallic look that has never been seen before on a Canadiens jersey.

Each of the years in which the Canadiens won their League-record 24 Stanley Cups is featured in silver writing between the classic red and blue stripes on the sleeves, with the right sleeve showcasing the triumphant seasons that fell between 1916 and 1960, and the left sleeve highlighting the conquests from 1965 to 1993.

The inside of the collar features an excerpt from the iconic John McCrea poem “In Flanders Fields,” which has been emblazoned on the walls of the Canadiens dressing room since 1952. The excerpt appears in French, and translates to “To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.”

New York Rangers

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The jersey features the Rangers’ color scheme of red, white and blue, though navy blue replaces their traditional royal blue as a nod to the roots of the game outdoors. The stairstep font is inspired by the diagonal “RANGERS” lettering worn in the late 1920s. The red “NY” is a tribute to the intrastate rivalry with the Sabres.

he uniform’s nameplate and numbers are white and designed to align graphically to the crest. The sleeve and waist striping is inspired by New York’s uniforms of the early 1930s, with the higher placement of the sleeve stripes and the solid white collar a staple of that era.


Buffalo Sabres

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The uniform combines design concepts from the Sabres’ early years with alterations of their logo and elements from their 40th anniversary jersey to create a unique look that recalls 48 years of NHL hockey in Buffalo. The royal blue is reflective of the Sabres’ original color scheme from the 1970s, a change from their current navy blue, and the striping is inspired by their 40th anniversary uniform.

The shoulders and collar of the white uniform are contrasted in blue, in line with many of the Sabres’ past white uniforms. The pants are also blue to match the classic uniforms and feature a vertical gold stripe along the sides. The initials “NY” were also added as a symbol of the interstate game against the Rangers, and the number design is derivative of the one worn on the 40th anniversary uniform.

Buffalo Sabres Winter Classic jersey


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